Cementitious Fireproofing

This style of fireproofing is mainly used on interior structural areas that are not exposed to view. It is cost effective and helps boost the structural integrity of load bearing structures.

Medium density fireproofing is designed to stand up to a certain amount of abuse. It is frequently used on exposed surfaces in places where people will be coming into contact with it on a regular basis, such as equipment/mechanical rooms.

This material is often used on exterior surfaces, or areas that are otherwise exposed to weather and other environmental conditions. High density fireproofing can stand up to a lot of abuse, ensuring that your structure’s fireproofing is not compromised. This is often used in high traffic areas, like parking garages and warehouses.

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Protecting a building from fire is a business that we take extremely seriously. For more than 65 years, L.B. Hall Enterprises has been a leader in the fireproofing industry, and our longevity has taught us the importance of thorough, professional, high quality workmanship.

Fireproofing does not actually stop a building from burning. It will help structures maintain their integrity for a longer duration, giving people time to safely escape the building. Cementitious fireproofing is the most commonly used material to help improve the structural integrity of buildings. This spray application helps ensure a uniform coating so that all parts of the structure are covered without gaps.

Cementitious fireproofing is classified according to density and usage. There are three types.

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