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L.B. Hall Enterprises is a leader in the field of fireproofing and insulation.

Originally founded in 1949, we have decades of experience in improving the fireproofing and Insulation of homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, hotels, warehouse, churches, office buildings, and many other facilities. The goal of our founders was to provide a safer and lower cost solution for fireproofing, and we continue to strive to provide our customers with great products at a competitive price.

There are many competitors in our field, but very few who can compare to our decades of experience and expertise. With L.B. Hall, you will always receive timely and professional service at a very reasonable price, and if you need assistance, we are available 24/7. In addition to competitive pricing, L.B. Hall’s commitment to our customers is communication.

Ultimately, L.B. Hall, will provide excellent value as well as effective project management. Our high quality workmanship will ensure that you meet your construction schedule.

L.B. Hall is a Minority owned and run business.

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Protect buildings to save lives.

Some form of fireproofing is a necessity in order to protect a building’s structural integrity in case of a serious fire – both to give people time to escape the building and to give firefighters an opportunity to extinguish the blaze.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a building fire, structural steel loses strength as the temperature increases. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the steel frame, fireproofing material is applied. The applied material makes the steel fire resistant for  anywhere between 1 & 4 hours depending on the building requirements.

Thickness of the fire protection material is defendant upon the assembly in which it is being applied. The following basic information is required for the estimator to determine the proper Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) assembly.

Hourly rating

Type of deck and depth of metal deck

Type of topping on deck (i.e. concrete or insulation type and thickness

Beam sizes supporting deck

Type of column and column sizes

In short, YES, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

No. This can inhibit access to joist, steel beams, and deck. Fireproofing must be able to be sprayed straight on to the steel or adhesion & cohesion may not properly take place.

Intumescent Fire Resistance Coatings are paint-like coatings that expand and char in a fire to insulate structural steel for 1- 4 hours. It is often used for decorative and aesthetically pleasing steel that will be left exposed to view. It can also be used in spaces that do no allow enough room for SFRM.

Yes, but mechanical reinforcement (metal lath, steel studs-depending on the steel member) must be fastened to the substrate prior to fire protection.

UL designs are specific to the manufacturer and material being used and must match the material being used.

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